I wanted to say a big THANKS! for the Bowen treatment.  I am certainly more aware of my body, how it works and how it can heal itself with the gentle therapy in our sessions.  What I am astounded with is the difference it appears to have made to my menopausal symptoms.  My daily hot flushes have almost disappeared and the night sweats have vanished! For this I am eternally grateful.  I shall certainly be recommending this treatment to any lady who is suffering as I have done in the past.



Sarah, Bristol

I have had a medial meniscus tear (MMT) since July 2012. In November I went to see the GP, complaining of pain in my left knee. The GP suggested a meniscus tear and referred me for diagnosis and treatment.

The consultant who saw me thought it to be a classic case MMT, but protocol required me to have an MRI scan. The scan was inconclusive even though I spoke with the consultant describing acute pain and then after a fall the pain lessened significantly. A number of falls and trips later the pain was increasing all the time and resulting in me at times having a very pronounced limp and pain in other areas of my body.

As the MRI was inconclusive, treatment was not immediate and this is when Cat came on the scene. She asked if I would like to be a case study and explained the commitment required by me. She has treated me pre and post op.

I have attended a number of sessions which have all resulted in a significant improvement in associated pain.

Tracey, Bath

Lizzy, Portsmouth

Never planned to go .... but visiting family .... in pain from long term injury, they persuaded me to see Cat.  After a few seraching questions she 'diagnosed' my problems expertly.  I had an hour of gentle treatment and felt better than I had for months!  Cat says that I will probably only need about 3 further treatments - great news!

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