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It Takes a Village ..... and Time

November 15, 2017

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Self Care is the New Health Care

November 15, 2017



The primary reason for eating food is to give your body the nutrients it needs to perform at it's best. Lack of nutrients lead to :


  • feeling tired

  • poor sleep

  • headaches

  • sugar cravings

  • weight gain

  • acid reflux/heartburn

  • And much more

These are common things people suffer with.  You don't have a accept this as normal; you can feel better!!



Why has the "five a day" fruit & veg recommendation increased?

Put simply, modern farming techniques mean that fruit and veg just don't contain the nutritional level they once did. An influential Swiss study measured the levels of nutrients in produces over a 17 year period and highlights the extent of the reduction, and this study is 15 years old! So to achieve the same level of nutrition now requires between 9 and 11 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. For most people it isn't realistic to fit this into their daily lives.




Including some potent nutritional supplements into your diet makes up for the short fall

Phytolife is formulated to help your body stay at an alkaline pH.  Eating acidic foods like alcohol, processed food, caffeine and canned drinks will make your body acidic and lead to things like acid reflux, arthritis and digestive problems.
1 tablespoon of phytolife is the equivalent of eating 1kg of raw leafy greens!!









Mistify is a berry juice complex with one of the highest antioxidant values in the world.  Antioxidants are the sole protection against free radicals, which are responsible for things such as ageing, inflammation, allergies and pain. Mistify is proven to reduce free radical damage by 43%.
30mls of Mistify is the equivalent antioxidant power of eating 3kg of red berries!!









Get in touch.

I offer a FREE telephone consultation to discuss your individual health goals; to create a plan with you to help you achieve better health and well being; so you can spring out of bed each morning and take on the world with plenty of energy and vitality.

Please call or email to arrange and receive a free satchet of E9, a natural energy boosting drink

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